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Friday May 5th


Qiensave? began as the brainchild of multi-disciplinary artist Carlos “Qien” Leyva Cortez as he sought to create a collaborative musical project. He began by fusing the sounds of several cross-genre musicians from throughout Los Angeles County. The name of the band itself is a testament to these humble beginnings. While hinting at the uncertainty of gathering so many artists to collaborate, the name Qiensave? also evokes the exciting prospect of reality’s infinite possibilities. Eventually, thanks to mobile studios, Qiensave? was able to record and produce their first mix tape, headed by Qien and Jason Rosenburg from Ancestry of Sound. The result was a patchwork of various musicians’ organic and synthetic beats, ranging from lyric-heavy coffee shop melodies to psychedelic soundscapes. The mix tape and title-track, “Bella ciudad,” circulated and captured the attention of many listeners, including director Eric Stoltz, who used it as background music on the NBC show, Quarterlife.Immediately following the release of their mix tape, Qiensave? began preparation for their first full-length collaborative album. This new project included Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore, who, after two sessions, decided to sign Qiensave? to his label, MooreMap Records, and begin recording. Thanks to the group’s eclectic blend of cross-genre sounds, Qiensave? has been blessed with many opportunities to share the stage with several well-respected musical acts including La Santa Cecilia, the B-Side Players, Wasted Noise, Los Tiliches, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, and more.

ONE OZ Awesome old school cali ska/reggae vibe. Catchy songs. Fun live show. Words just dont do these guys justice. so you tell us.


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